You and your family will have so much fun!

Check out everything our Hotel offers at no additional cost!

  1. Children activities on weekends, holidays and seasons;
  2. Water park with mushroom, octopus, giant canes and frog, gravity, buckets and water slide;
  3. Heated adult / children's swimming pool;
  4. Hot tubeHot tub SPA;
  5. Outdoor adult swimming pool;
  6. Outdoor children's swimming pool;
  7. Outdoor hot tubehot tub spa;
  8. Tubular waterslide in outdoor swimming pool;
  9. Open waterslide in outdoor swimming pool;
  10. Multisport court with epoxy coating, demarcation and basic equipment for Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal and Tennis;
  11. Unisex wet sauna;
  12. Games Room (Football, Ping-Pong, Billiards, Super Aero-Rockey, Giraffe Ride);
  13. Professional VideoKe Raf Eletronics;
  14. Professional gym with treadmill, horizontal bike, adjustable bench, pilates ball and dumbbell set;
  15. Play-ground for smaller kids;
  16. Play-Ground for bigger kids;
  17. Ornamental aquarium;
  18. Lakes with kiosk for sport-type fishing with many tilapia and traíras;
  19. Lagorismo with mini ferry and “falsa baiana” (passage in steel cables on the lake);
  20. Zip Line over the lakes;
  21. Climbing wall;
  22. Small animal and bird vivarium;
  23. Orchard with identification of each fruit;
  24. Ornamental plants with identification;
  25. Paths and trails through the Atlantic Forest;
  26. Waterfalls (the largest, almost 3 meters high, is ideal for a relaxing bath);
  27. Running water pools;
  28. vivarium overlooking the waterfront, Ilha Bela and other islands in the region;
  29. Suspension bridge on the lookout access trail;
  30. High speed wireless access throughout the hotel;
  31. Cable TV (sky) in the games room with smart pack (
  32. Sky TV with basic package in all apartments;
  33. Subscription to Miscellaneous Magazines (Veja, Caras, Super Interessante, Local Magazines, etc);
  34. Gourmet space with balcony, kitchen and barbecue grill;

…… and all this for just 24 cottages! 

On our 21,500 m2 you will enjoy a direct contact with nature. Inside our hotel you can bathe in waterfalls and hike through the Atlantic Forest, to the waterfalls (light trail), and to our observatory (heavier trail), from where you can see the Atlantic coast, its cutouts and islands (Ilha Bela, inclusive). A stunning adventure!

Our goal is to make your vacations, holidays and weekends, days full of joy and peace, with beautiful and green landscapes, beaches and security.

Our structure has been designed to offer the best leisure for you and your family. Here you and your children will feel really comfortable.

Dimensions of Pools and Water Park:

Heated Swimming Pool: 4.0m x 3.0m = 12.00 m2 (depth = 1.0m)

Hot Tube: 2.5m x 2.5m = 6.25 m2 (depth = 0.8m)

Covered and glazed deck: 6.5m x 7.5m = 48.85 m2

Adult Swimming Pool (room temperature): 8.0m x 7.0m = 56.00 m2 (depth 1.4m)

Children's Swimming Pool (room temperature): 3.0m x 3.0m = 9.00 m2 (depth 0.5m)

Hot Tube (room temperature): 2.0m x 2.0m = 4.00 m2 (depth 0.8m)

Open deck: 15.5m x 13.5m = 209.25 m2

Water Park (room temperature): 10.0m x 13.0m = 130.00 m2 (depth 0.3m)

Open deck of the water park: 14.0m x 16.0m = 224.00 m2


Cocanha Beach:

1000m from the hotel, it is an excellent beach for swimming with shallow, calm and crystal clear waters. Charming, with a view to the islets of Cocanha, it is suitable for diving and summer houses.

It has all the necessary infrastructure (tables, chairs and beach parasols) provided by the kiosks.

Suitable for the whole family and great for children.

Massaguaçu Beach:

1 km from the hotel (15 minutes walk), it is considered by Terra Magazine as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is best suited for fishing and surfing. It is not suitable for sunbathers.

t has all the necessary infrastructure (tables, chairs and beach parasols) provided by the kiosks.

Other Beaches & Attractions::

Check the “Location” tab for distances to other beaches, attractions and cities on the north coast.